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Perfect Balance in Imbalance – That’s The Human Body

Appearance wise, the human body may seem to exhibit perfect symmetry. That, however, is not actually the case. To state that the various systems of the human body, such as the respiratory system, the circulatory system, or the muscular system, are not the same on the right side of the body as they are on the left would serve as an elaboration to the aforementioned fact. The implications? Many! Enter: Postural Restoration!

According to Dr. Valentino Botti, all such inherent asymmetries influence almost all the physical aspects of our bodies such as the way we walk, stand, sit and even breathe. All this might sound astounding to some and discomforting to others but, shocking as it may seem, the truth is that such asymmetry is part of the intelligent design. Fascinatingly, the human body still maintains balance through the integration of such system imbalances.

About Postural Restoration

Owing to the imbalances in our bodies, we tend to develop certain patterns (mostly, patterns of motion). For example, we develop a dominant hand and a dominant leg. Such patterns are patterns of limited motion and are associated with overuse of the dominant part and disuse of its counterpart. Imbalance in strength is an obvious consequence of such overuse-disuse phenomenon, which, most often, causes weakness in the dominant part. Another consequence may be the development of chronic pain.

Besides, muscle tension is created as a result of habitual movement patterns, right or left handed patterns, respiratory patterns, stress, trauma, etc. Tension in a muscle leads to either contraction or shortening of that muscle, which exerts unusual force on the joint as well as on the soft tissue supporting that joint which includes the tendons, ligaments, and cartilages. This may lead to the development of pain either where the muscle tension exists or at some other point in the body. All this reflects during a physical therapy examination in the form of reduced flexibility, reduced strength, reduced range of motion and poor posture.

On a fundamental level, postural restoration refers to a physical therapy treatment that makes use of the posture-based approach to utilizing physical medicine. It is an effective treatment approach for musculoskeletal problems, which can help ease common pain syndromes and restore function. The main objective of postural restoration is the identification and, subsequently, correction of common postural patterns of the body by maximizing neutrality in the body through manual and non-manual exercise techniques that are designed to reposition, retrain, and restore the asymmetrical patterned positions. Postural restoration has been known to improve postural adaptations, the function of the respiratory system and asymmetrical patterns. The biomechanical asymmetries that develop due to restricted motion in the body are first recognized then assessed and thereafter treated.

The Postural Restoration Treatment Program at Botti Chiropractic & Wellness

At Botti Chiropractic & Wellness, we have chalked out comprehensive chiropractic care treatments, like massage therapy, myofascial release therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and even acupuncture, to help our Frankfort patients. Our postural restoration treatment program is one of our more popular treatments as it aims at improving postural symmetry by eliminating unwanted muscle tension in the body. It addresses specific asymmetries to restore more symmetrical and efficient motion. We seek to improve a patient’s postural symmetry at the pelvis and trunk. This relieves the stresses and other conditions that are responsible for joint pain and soft tissue pain. The postural restoration techniques developed by the experts at Botti Chiropractic & Wellness help the patient achieve a neutral posture, enhanced strength, and flexibility, on top of achieving full range of motion.

Basically, our postural restoration techniques are designed to activate the antagonistic muscle in the body, in other words, that muscle which opposes the muscles that are contracting unnecessarily. This leads to ceasing of the unwanted muscle contraction by means of reciprocal inhibition. In a nutshell, if muscle X is overly active, we use muscle Y to help relax muscle X because of both works in opposition.

Postural restoration mainly employs two types of treatments

  • The home exercise program – Basically, this is an exercise program that is customized exclusively for you wherein our therapist works with you to create a customized exercise program meant to specifically address your individual needs. A neutral posture is achieved by progressively moving from exercises including lying down, to sitting, and then to standing. This neutral posture is then maintained. Frequent repetition of these exercises, in the beginning, leads to what is termed as ‘motor re-education’. However, as muscle tension pattern subsides or diminishes, the number of these exercises and their frequency both can be reduced.
  • Manual therapy – This approach entails the therapist guiding your body into new positions. You are required to engage the muscles in order to hold those positions. These techniques focus on the ribcage or torso. Since inhalation and exhalation work in opposition, central to these manual therapy techniques is breathing education. It has been found that, quite often, patients breathe either shallow or more into one lung. Poor breathing tends to limit the proper movement of the rib cage and spine. Our therapists incorporate respiratory function in order to maximize airflow in and out of the right lung since the right diaphragm is always in a better position for respiration, owing to the liver’s structural support of the right larger diaphragm leaflet. The goal of this treatment is to develop balance on both sides of the rib cage, which will allow the ribs to move seamlessly without any restriction, thus allowing the spine to rotate and the joints move with less restriction.

Goals of Postural Restoration

The postural restoration approach adopted at Botti Chiropractic & Wellness seeks to accomplish the following goals:-

  • Restoring full flexibility and range of motion
  • Increasing the strength of postural stabilization muscles
  • Achieving greater freedom of movement and improved performance
  • Relief from pain
  • Performing all functional activities without any pain

Our postural restoration treatment program and the techniques employed seek to benefit patients suffering from chronic pain, joint sprains or strains, knee pain, headaches, foot pain, neck pain, arthritis, spinal cord injuries and those having difficulty breathing.

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