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One type of pain that can be quite alarming is rib/chest pain. This type of discomfort can result in preventing an individual from taking deep breaths or feeling a heavy pressure on the chest. Many people who experience rib or chest pain for the first time tend to worry that it could lead to a heart attack. However, it’s important to know that there are many different types of ailments that can cause rib pain. For example, rib fractures, thoracic spine radiculopathy, or even a simple strained muscle. Gratefully, there are numerous chiropractic chest pain treatments that can help alleviate this condition.

It’s important to know that, in certain circumstances, rib or chest pain may be a representation that something more serious is happening, like cancer or a heart attack. However, many people who have a history of this pain may have gone through extensive medical testing which may reveal nothing.  In these circumstances, it is important to schedule an appointment with a professional who has to experience and understanding in this area, like a chiropractor in Frankfort!

Causes Of Rib/Chest Pain

There is an assortment of different reasons why an individual may be experiencing rib or chest pain. This may include, but not limited to, pulled muscles, muscle spasms, cancer, bruised ribs, or other injury-related problems. Having such a wide range of causes makes it vital for individuals to not guess what’s wrong, but rather see a professional.

Rib Pain Diagnosis

To properly diagnose rib pain, a medical professional will ask an assortment of questions, including those about one’s medical history, type of pain, and where it’s occurring. In most cases, a physical exam will be required for the most accurate diagnosis. In some cases, if the professional advises, an individual may need to go undergo a CAT scan or an X-ray.

When you visit a doctor for rib pain, it is of prime importance for the doctor to know the area of pain and the kind of pain you are experiencing. This will help the doctor determine which tests will be needed for a correct diagnosis. Therefore, whenever you visit a doctor for rib pain, you should describe to him/her in detail:-

  • The area of your chest where you are experiencing the pain
  • The type of pain that you are experiencing
  • The movements that tend to aggravate the pain
  • Whether you have had a chest injury in the past

In case you developed the rib pain post a chest injury, your doctor will order imaging scans to be performed. Such scans will include either an X-ray of the chest or a rib detail X-ray. Performing an X-ray of the chest can help the doctor know of fractures or bone abnormalities if any. If your doctor finds any abnormalities, such as an abnormal growth, either during the course of your physical examination or in the X-ray performed, he or she will immediately order a soft tissue imaging scan such as an MRI. An MRI scan is useful in providing the doctor with a detailed view of your rib cage and the muscles, organs, and tissues surrounding it.

In case you have been experiencing chronic rib pain, chances are that it may be due to bone cancer. In such a scenario, a bone scan will be ordered by your doctor. In order to perform a bone scan, you will be injected with ‘tracer’, a small amount of radioactive dye. Thereafter, your doctor will scan your entire body for the tracer using a special camera. The image that this camera will produce will highlight the bone abnormalities, if any.

Symptoms of Rib Pain

The most common symptom is evidently pain. Most patients who come into our office complaining of intense, sharp pain when taking a deep breath. Some also may experience discomfort or pressure when twisting their body/chest.

Frankfort Chiropractic Chest Pain Treatment Plans

At Botti Chiropractic & Wellness, we will put our attention on the solution, effectively removing the pain with an accurate diagnosis and physical medicine. We have hundreds of documented cases in both younger and older patients who have had a history of chest pain with no relief and no medical explanation for their symptoms.  Many of these same patients have co-existing postural issues and back pain. The proper mechanical and postural treatment can have instant and profound improvements with chest and rib pain.

Call us today for an appointment for a thorough examination of your chest/rib pain today!

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